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DL-P40 computer control system download page
To download the file to your computer, right click the link below and select 'save target as'

DL-P40 Release 3 program for installation.......
DL-P40 installation program, Ver 3.030.01 (3 mb)
For installation on the control PC. includes the DL-P40 help file and some simulation files. This full program is free to install and run on any PC running the Windows operating system and can also be used for training and evaluation purposes.

DL-P40 installation program, Ver 3.030.02 (3 mb)
Updated to include the option to display load centre of gravity and compatible with USB-CAN II

IXXAT USB-CAN drivers - Windows 7 & Vista

IXXAT PC driver installation file, Ver 3.5.1 (18 mb)
IXXAT PC driver installation file, Ver 2.20.806 (5 mb)

Install V 3.5.1, then install V2.20.Installation procedure :
1) uninstall all previous version and reboot
2) install V 3.5.1 and then reboot
3) Install V2.20 and then reboot
4) Connect USB-CAN and wait for Windows to automatically install the drivers.

If automatic driver installation fails, then with the USB-CAN still connected go to Control Panel >Device Manager and right click on VCI3. Select 'update driver software' then in the next window select 'browse my computer'. In the next window type the search location as 'c:\windows\system32' and then click next. The system should then find the drivers and install successfully.

IXXAT USB-CAN drivers - Windows XP
IXXAT PC driver installation file, Ver 2.18 (4 mb)

DL-P40 release 3.0.29 operation and maintenance manual
1.4 mb adobe .pdf file. Note the same information is contained in the DL-P40 help file

DL-P40 release 3.0 EMC CE compliance certificate
.pdf file

DL-P40 release 3.0 EMC CE certification report
.pdf file