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Dorman Long & Co., Ltd was first formed by Arthur Dorman and Albert de Laude Long in 1875 in the north east of England as ' steel makers, constructional engineers and bridge builders' and went on to construct many of the most famous bridges built in the first half of the last century, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge (1932), the Tyne Bridge (1928, UK), the Tees Newport Bridge (1934, UK) and the Omdurman Bridge (1926, Sudan).
We are very proud of this unique heritage and would like to help those looking for historical information on the company and its products to find what they are looking for. On this page we have gathered together some web links and resources to down load which we hope you will find useful. If you have information on the company that you would like to share with others then please get in touch and we will put it up on this page.
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