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DLT Pinned climbing jacks
DLT Pinned climbing jack systems are very similar in principle to our strand jacks systems, and can be used with our standard hydraulic power packs and control systems. DLT pinned climbing jacks have top and bottom anchor blocks separated by a pair of hydraulic rams and climb a modular pin plate that transfers the load in compression down to a foundation plate. The top and bottom anchors have secure pinned connections to the pin plate.

DL-CP lift sequence, starting with the load in the bottom anchor:
The pin plate is secured by lateral restrain clips to any suitable structure such as a temporary tower, a building column of a bridge pier. Our DL-CP pinned climbing jacks vary from 60 - 1000 tonnes safe working load per jack. Lifting speeds vary from 5 - 40 metres per hour depending on the size of power pack used. Our DL-CP pinned climbing jacks can be used vertically to lift and lower heavy loads and can also be used horizontally to push heavy loads along a skid track.

DL-CP lower sequence, starting with the load in the bottom anchor:
DL-CP600 Pinned climbing jack during load test before dispatch......DL-CP600