DLT chain drive and wheeled bogie systems
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DLT chain drive and wheeled bogie systems

We can design and supply complete chain drive and wheeled bogie systems for cranes and gantries. Our two wheeled bogie units come in driven and free wheeling versions and with safe working loads of up to 100 tonnes per unit. We can offer variable speed direct drive systems with full electronic synchronization and control and also separate chain drive systems, which are ideal for moving free wheeling bogies over sloping rails. Examples of both types of drive systems are shown below. Motors, gearboxes and electronic drive control systems are supplied by ABB or SEW Eurodrive. All units are fully tested and certified prior to dispatch.

If you would like a competitive proposal from us for your application please email us at enquiries@dormanlong.com.

Chain drive and wheeled bogie system for viaduct erection gantry..... 2 x 25 te chain drives and 50 te wheeled bogies
Chain drive system for gantry

80 te driven bogies for viaduct erection gantry, with hydraulic levelling and load transfer ram above......
driven bogie for gantry