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DLT Bridge Deck Erection Gantries
We have been designing, supplying and operating bridge deck erection gantries since 1995. Our bridge deck erection gantries have been used to erect the decks of suspension bridges, cable stay bridges and viaducts in both steel and concrete.
We offer a complete design and supply service, including all the latest mechanical and electrical systems.

Each gantry is designed specifically to meet the loads and geometry of each project. We start with a comprehensive review of the construction methodology and permanent works details to determine the most effective gantry for the project. We will then proceed with detailed design and production of steel fabrication drawings and the specification for all mechanical and electrical items required. A complete 3D model of the gantry and all mechanical items will be produced to ensure that all components fit together and there are no clashes. Our scope of work is usually to provide steel fabrication drawings of the gantry structure, supply of all mechanical and electrical items and to provide Site Technicians to assist our client's site team to assemble, commission, operate and maintain the gantries.

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