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DLT Control Systems

We design and supply a range of central control systems for hydraulic jacking systems, allowing a single operator to monitor, synchronise and control up to 80 jacks from a single control panel. The DL-M range of control systems uses a central DL-M control box attached by data cables to each of the power packs and gives the operator complete control over the operation of up to 12 jacks. The DL-P40 and DL-P80 computer control systems links a central control computer via a CAN network to CAN nodes on each of the power packs and jacks and offers automated control and synchronization of up to 80 jacks. Both the DL-M and DL-P control systems are designed and developed completely in-house enabling us to offer a high degree of flexibility and support to our customers. For further details of both control systems please download our strand jack systems brochure.

DL-P computer control systems
Our DL-P computer control system has been specifically developed to control strand jacks, gripper jacks and climbing jacks and is fully developed in-house using feedback from our own operators on site. The system is open and flexible, so can be adapted for a wide range of hydraulic control applications. It uses the latest CANbus network technology for ultra-reliable communication between all jacks, power packs and the control computer and has been tested and certified to the latest European electrical EMC standards, view certificate. The system will automatically synchronise the operation of all the jacks to maintain a level and balanced set of jack loads and has many automated features to ensure a safe lift. During an operation the operator is presented with all the lift data in one clear and easy to read screen, as shown below for a 40 jack lift. Move your mouse over the screen for an explanation of each function. To download and run the full program in simulation mode on your own computer follow this link>>.

Top anchors. Green=closed, Red = Open, Amber = not fully closed or fully open. Cross = loaded anchor. Sold bars indicating % stroke of the jack. Bottom anchor indicators. Green = closed, Red = Open, Amber = not fully closed or open. Cross = loaded. Jack load indicators, as % of expected load.  So the operator should see a neat set of arrows sitting on the 100% line.  With the DL-P40 it is very easy for the operator to see if any jack is overloaded or underloaded. Tabular data for each jack Manual mode controls Manual mode select button Auto lower mode select button Auto-lift mode select button Current setting for each jack. Hoever the mouse over each jack to see the settings for that jack Calibrate stroke encoders - very simple with DL-P40 Click to read in the current loads and use them as the monitor load Go to the settings screen. The DL-P40 only has 2 screens, this operating screen and the settings screen. Total loads and movement for the lift The current difference between the most expended jack (red) and the least extended jack (blue) Start, stop & resume button when in auto-lift and auto-lower modes Information window Hover over top row for information on each item DL-M manual control systems
Our DL-M range of control systems have also been specifically developed for the control of heavy lifting and skidding operations using strand jacks, gripper jacks and climbing jacks. The level of information provided to the operator is less than given by the DL-P computer control system above, but is perfectly adequate for controlling up to 12 jacks depending on the experience of the operator. The DL-M control box displays the load in each jack in both digital and analogue format and the open / closed state of the gripping anchors at either end of the jack. The operator can select any combination of jacks for simultaneous operation, and has a choice of extend / retract of the main cylinder(s), open / close of the top or bottom gripping anchors (not both at the same time) and bleed lowering for fine adjustment of the load for alignment of bolted and welded joints.

DL-M10 control box....

DL-M system being used to align bridge deck segments using a system of hydraulic rams.....