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DLT Jacking Tower Systems
Jacking tower systems offer a low cost high capacity alternative to large cranes and are most commonly used to erect heavy petrochemical vessels, but have also been used to lift offshore modules, goliath cranes and large roof structures. We have been designing, supplying and operating jacking tower systems since 1994 for use by heavy lifting contractors and refinery construction contractors.

Our jacking tower systems have mostly been designed to meet specific client requirements, but we also have a standard modular system called the DL-TS3000 which has a lifting capacity of 3000 tonnes.
To date the DL-TS3000 has been used to erect offshore structures weighing up to 2800 tonnes, goliath crane girders weighing up to 6,000 tonnes, large roof structures weighing up to 2,600 tonnes and petrochemical vessels weighing up to 1,350 tonnes (see pictures below). The DL-TS3000 is currently owned and operated by Sarens.

We can design and supply complete jacking tower systems to meet any requirements, including the facility to self-erect and dismantle and to skid between operating positions. We will be pleased to advise on the best arrangement for your needs.