DLT Self Propelled Modular Transporters / trailers ( SPMT) and Straddle Carriers
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DLT Self-Propelled Modular Transporters / Trailers ( SPMT ) and Straddle Carriers

In conjunction with our highly experienced partner in China, we are able to offer self-propelled modular transporters / trailers (SPMT) and straddle carriers for handling and transport of precast concrete bridge beams, prefabricated steel bridge decks, large offshore jackets and modules and any other large loads that need to be lifted and moved in casting yards, fabrication yards and other construction sites. We offer a standard 3.0m wide and 2.43 m wide transporters (see the details in the left column) and are also able to supply purpose designed transporters and straddle carriers to suit any project requiremens. All our transporter and straddle carriers are designed and manufactured to European quality standards under the control of Dorman Long. Please contact us with your specific requirement and we will be pleased to offer you a highly competitive solution.

Our purpose designed transporters and straddle carriers use high capacity tyres and hydraulic suspension to apply an evenly spread load onto the ground, making them ideal for use on roughly prepared ground and in situations where a good load spread over the supporting structure is required. Each unit is self powered from an onboard diesel engine and drives forward using hydraulic motors mounted in the wheels. Steering of the wheels is also achieved using a hydraulic system which synchronises the angle of each wheel to enable the unit to steer around a curve or move diagonally or sideways. The combination of high load capacity, good load spread and high maneuverability make these units extremely useful. A single operator has full control of all functions from a modern air conditioned control cabin and a high specification of automated safety systems comes as standard.

900 tonne payload capacity self-propelled transporter with precast concrete bridge beam...900 tonne self-propelled trailer with precast concrete bridge beam

900 tonne payload capacity self-propelled transporter....900 tonne self-propelled trailer

900 tonne capacity 4 leg self-propelled straddle carrier with precast concrete bridge beam....

900 tonne capacity 2 leg self-propelled straddle carrier working in a casting yard....900 tonne 2 leg self-propelled straddle carrier working in a casting yard