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Popolopen Creek Footbridge bridge, New York State, USA
Completed in 2002, the Popolopen Creek Footbridge was designed by DLT to create an economic and aesthetically pleasing river crossing of 140m main span on the Appalachian Trail in Bear Mountain Park, Fort Montgomery, NY. The bridge is a hybrid of a suspension bridge and a truss bridge and was designed for ease of construction. The suspension cables alone support the dead weight of the bridge whilst the live loads are resisted by a combination of the suspension cables and the truss formed by the suspension cable, suspenders, diagonal bracings and the deck edge girder. The result is a stiff bridge that is comfortable to walk across despite having a visually pleasing low span to sag ratio for the main suspension cables. The deck panels are fibre reinforced composite panels that bolt to the steel deck frame. Use of these panels significantly reduced the dead weight of the bridge. Main cables are anchored to rock at either end of the bridge at the top of slopes leading down to the bridge.